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Miriam Calzada's Images portrayed on a variety of materials and fabrics elegantly finished

Variety of Placemats

Placemats of Miriam Calzada's images with  Gorgeous crystal Finishes.  

Crystal Placemats No1

Reality captured in crystal by Miriam Calzada

Crystal Placemats No2

Crystal finished seashells collection ..

Crystal Placemats No3

Elegantly finished crystal placemats of Miriam Calzadas images captured in crystal..

Crystal Placemats No4

A window into nature, beautiful landscapes captured by Miriam Calzada's lenses finished on crystal

Crystal Placemats No5

Colorful patterns inspired by flowers

Crystal Placemats No2

Seashell Crystal placemats inspired by the sea and its creatures 

Sea Inspired Pillows

Inspired by the sea and its creatures, Miriam Calzada's images printed on fabric

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