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We are Calzada Productions

"We are dedicated to the documentation and conservation of rivers in the Dominican Republic under the guidance of Miriam Calzada. An environmental and women's rights advocate and Hasselblad featured photographer. For over 30 years, Calzada has been using fine art as her main tool to create awareness.

Although her lens has always been focused on the Dominican Republic, her works of art have been recognized worldwide and exposed in the Frauen Museum, Germany (Women's Museum), Argentina and Paris among others"  

We Photograph 

We provide professional photography services and audiovisual productions on commission. Our team is equipped with a Hasselblad HD3II-50, DJI Inspire I & II drones and a pilot certified by the Dominican Aviation Institute. 

  • Aerial 

  • Artistic 

  • Architectural 

  • Home Decor 

  • Real Estate

We Sell

  • Works of art: You can acquire Miriam Calzada's Photographs in many sizes and printed on a variety of materials of your choice. 

  • Furniture: See the catalog for Miriam Calzada Home products 

  • Fabrics

  • Books

 For more information contact us directly at

We Craft

Art on commission and decor consulting.


At Calzada Productions you receive the experience of curating professionals. we 

help you design your space with art specifically tailored for your needs. 

The products are crafted at our studio. Materials used include wood, paper, crystal , metals, fabric. canvas, etc. 

Our interior projects manager will personally guide you through the whole designing process with expert advice on art curation to fit your specifications and budget. We strive to deliver under the highest quality of standards.

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